Monday, October 27, 2008

Fluoride is added to children's milk in 42 primary schools

At present, fluoride is added to children's milk in 42 primary schools in the city. This will continue, and the local NHS is also planning to begin talks on the possibility of adding fluoride to water.

New Oral Health Action Teams will be set up in certain neighbourhoods, to give out free toothpaste packs, introduce teeth brushing in before and after-school clubs and also offer support to health, social and education professionals working in these areas.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Merck drug company vaccines admits injecting cancer viruses

This stunning censored interview conducted by medical historian Edward Shorter for WGBH public television (Boston) and Blackwell Science was cut from The Health Century due to its huge liability--the admission that Merck drug company vaccines have traditionally been injecting cancer viruses (SV40 and others) in people worldwide.

This segment of In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism, produced and freely contributed by consumer protector and public health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, features the world's leading vaccine expert, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who explains why Merck's vaccines have spread AIDS, leukemia, and other horrific plagues worldwide.

Tearaway toddlers prescribed ADHD drugs

TODDLERS as young as two are being diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed drugs including Ritalin.Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph reveal 311 children in NSW aged five and under depend on controversial medication, including 58 four-year-olds and 13 three-year-olds.Health Department figures show that, nationally, doctors have prescribed ADHD drugs to five toddlers aged only two, despite possible side effects.The mother of one four-year-old who has been on Ritalin since the age of three said she knew there could be long-term effects but the change in her son's behaviour was worth the risk."At first I was hoping he didn't have ADHD and I didn't want to put him on medication but I thought I should give it a go and there has been a big improvement," the single mother of two told The Daily Telegraph.But the disturbing figures tell only part of the story.SOURCE

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chinese food anyone? :Cats & Dogs

Monday, April 14, 2008



Consent for Administration of Vaccination

Dear (Physician’s Name):If you will be administering a vaccination to me, or my child, today, I will need for you to complete the following consent form. Thank you.
Responsible Physician Statement:I, (Physician Name) ______________________ do hereby state that I have advised my patient, (patient or child’s name)________________________, and/or parent of my patient, (parent’s name) _______________, that in my professional opinion this patient/child should be given the vaccination(s), drugs or other (name of vaccination/drug/other) ___________________________________.Manufacturer’s name ____________________________.Serial number _______________Batch Number ______________________.I have on this (day) ______ (month) ______ (year) ______administered this vaccination/medication/drug.
AFTER advising the above named patient/parent of minor patient that there is little or no risk involved with this vaccination/medication/drug therapy or treatment. I hereby do agree that should this patient/child at anytime suffer or develop any permanent condition deleterious or injurious to his/her health as a result of this treatment, I will pay for any and all costs involved related to the care and treatment necessary for this patient/child for the rest of his/her natural life. I further agree that if my earnings are insufficient to meet these costs, I will sell my home, my business and all material possessions and put those proceeds towards meeting the needs and expenses of the patient involved.
Date: _____________________________
Signature of responsible physician: _______________________________________Signature of responsible person administering vaccination/medication/drug: __________________________________________Occupational Title: _________
Signature of Witness: Parent or other: ____________________________

Survey: 98% Say Parents Should Have Right to Refuse Vaccination of Children

Mike Adams Natural NewsApril 8, 2008

A public survey posted on NaturalNews.com reveals that 98% of survey participants (1919 out of 1954) believe that parents should have the right to refuse vaccinations for their children. The online survey was conducted from April 6 to April 8, and survey respondents were self-selected. A total of 1,954 votes were received at the time of this writing. The survey asked the question, “What should happen to parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated?” The results were as follows:
They should be fined: 1% (20 votes)
They should be jailed: 0.2% (4 votes)
They should have their children taken away: 0.6% (11 votes)
Nothing: It’s their right to refuse vaccinations: 98.2% (1919 votes) Read HERE

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Flouridation truth

Friday, April 04, 2008

The World According to Monsanto - A documentary that Americans won't ever see.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Toxic Teeth

Monday, February 04, 2008

Hundreds get sick from Gardasil cancer vaccine

click on image for more info on Gardasil

MORE than 17 girls a week have been experiencing adverse reactions such as seizures and numbness after taking cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil since it became widely distributed in April.But the Department of Health and Ageing, while revealing the number of reactions, is refusing to release the details of them - despite growing controversy overseas, including links to at least seven deaths.Read HERE

Kids hitting puberty at three

GIRLS in Britain are starting to hit puberty at the age of three.Shocked doctors blame hormones in food and water for some toddlers showing signs of breast growth, The Sun reports.Other pre-school youngsters even experience periods that normally start in their teens – and have temper tantrums just like adolescents.The phenomenon is feared to have become more common since the 1990s – with doctors having to give increasing numbers of tots jabs to keep puberty at bay.The mum of one girl, who at three was found to have the “bone age” of a nine-year-old, told how she was stunned when her daughter began acting like a ratty teen.Hayley Holden said: “She used to slam doors a nd try and hit me. We’d go to supermarkets and she’d lie on the floor screaming.“At the time, I just thought I had an ‘Omen’ child.”She was stunned when medics told her Ellie-May – now eight – needed hormone injections to stave off puberty.Harley Tedds, now ten, also has the painful jabs. Her mother Bernie said: “At five-years-old Harley was shaving her armpits and legs.“Her face and hands were appearing puffy – the nurse noticed she was developing breasts.”Harley said: “I used to get bullied about how I look and I used to get dirty looks from people.“You just want to be the same as your friends.”Junk food diets could be another factor in the early onset of puberty, according to hormone expert Peter Clayton.He said: “There might be a link between the increasing amounts of obesity in childhood and early puberty.” SOURCE

Friday, January 11, 2008

The AIDS virus: Made in the USA?

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Why, Where and When the AIDS Epidemic First Reared its Head
In 1972, under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO), there was a massive vaccination program for smallpox, literally for millions of Africans. Strecker and others believe that the smallpox vaccine laced with the HIV/AIDS virus was given the population, which was mostly black, poor, and part of that startlingly growing African population that GHW Bush, among many elites, the Rockefeller family, the Club of Rome crowd and Bilderbegers, had been concerned with in 1969, and back to 1965, when “the Club” was formed. The intent was to achieve their awful goal—of reducing the world’s population by 75 percent—as mentioned in The Modern History Project. This is the main reason the AIDS pandemic occurred almost simultaneously in Haiti, Brazil, Japan, and the United States, as well as Central Africa.Read HERE

$75,000 Offered For MD to Publicly Drink Vaccine Additives

Jock Doubleday, director of the California non-profit corporation Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc., has offered $75,000 to the first medical doctor or pharmaceutical company CEO who publicly drinks a mixture of standard vaccine additives.
The additives would be the same as those contained in the vaccines recommended for a 6-year-old according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, and the dose would be body-weight calibrated. It would include, but not be limited to:
Thimerosal (a mercury derivative) Ethylene glycol (antifreeze) Phenol (a disinfectant dye) Aluminum Benzethonium chloride (a disinfectant) Formaldehyde (a preservative and disinfectant)On August 1, 2007, if no one has taken the challenge, the offer will be increased to $90,000 and will increase at a rate of $5,000 per month until someone accepts.As of today no one has accepted the challenge!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Another Shooter With A History Of Anti-depressant Use

Robert Hawkins, the 19 year old who killed himself and eight other people with an assault rifle last night in Omaha, Nebraska had a history of treatment with psychiatric drugs for depression and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and was on prozac according to press reports.
Of course the headlines will once again focus on how evil and dangerous guns are, how the second amendment should be reevaluated and will once again ignore the fact that this young man was subject to dangerous brain altering chemicals for a number of years prior to this tragic incident. READ HERE

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meet your meat

Friday, September 21, 2007

E-numbers 'can do psychological harm to children'

The food watchdog was accused yesterday of "chickening out" of tough action on additives.
In the face of unequivocal evidence of the potential harm to children, delivered in person by an eminent university researcher, the Food Standards Agency fudged a decision on what to do next.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A World without Cancer

A bit dated but information still relevent

Food additives 'can cause hyperactivity'


A new study has indicated that some food additives can increase hyperactivity in children.
Researchers commissioned by the UK's Food Standards Agency looked at the effects of two combinations of E numbers on the behaviour of children who were prone to hyperactivity.
The scientists took two mixes of artificial food colours and the popular preservative sodium benzoate, which can be found in foods in like soft drinks, confectionary and ice cream, which are popular with children.
They found that the combinations did increase hyperactivity among children and recommended that those who are prone to hyperactivity or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder should eliminate these additives from their diet.
The study added that there are many factors associated with hyperactivity including genetic factors, being born prematurely or environment and upbringing.
The Food Safety Authority of Ireland says it is aware of the study and it will publish the list of additives on its website.
It is also recommending parents to read food labels when buying products for their children.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Caution: Some soft drinks may seriously harm your health

A new health scare erupted over soft drinks last night amid evidence they may cause serious cell damage. Research from a British university suggests a common preservative found in drinks such as Fanta and Pepsi Max has the ability to switch off vital parts of DNA. The problem - more usually associated with ageing and alcohol abuse - can eventually lead to cirrhosis of the liver and degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Chemically "dumbing down society"

A brief video from Dr Russell Blaylock...

More truths about our food

You and your milk

Milk: The deadly poison

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know This:Hep B Vaccine

The Future Of Food

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Genetically Modified Food:Poison Food

A Personal Story: from ThinkTwice.com

After visiting the ThinkTwice site for the first time today I felt compelled to speak out for my daughter, Keely. As a resident of the U.K., I also feel my country is letting me down. My daughter developed early with her speech at under 6 months old. She was such a happy baby who loved nothing more than physical contact. And then came the imminent choice of the M.M.R. After much deliberation I decided Keely was to have this vaccination. How I only wish I could turn back time. Within the following months it was as if someone had stolen my daughter away from me. Of course physically she looked the same but little did I know the baby I knew was locked inside her own mind. The speech disappeared, her early skills had also gone, and suddenly it seemed as if Keely had forgotten everything she once knew. We are now awaiting diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder for Keely, and while the doctors are fine talking about Keely's condition, the room falls silent at the mention of the M.M.R. We know what that vaccination has done to our child. Isn't it blatantly obvious to the rest of the world. I've come to the conclusion that the world has gone mad but amongst the madness I'm focused on staying sane and being the voice of my daughter. One day our silent children will speak for themselves.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The children drugged for being naughty

Countless children labelled hyperactive are being subdued with drugs like Ritalin. But many experts think they're just naturally boisterous - and those needless pills are causing terrifying side-effects. READ HERE

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Aids HIV Bayer - This clip highlights how Bayer knowingly dumped medicine that was known to be contaminated with AIDS virus on the European market after it killed people in America

Friday, March 09, 2007

Monsanto: Corporate crimes

Monsanto have an impressive history of committing corporate crimes
Contaminating our food with GM crops ,Contaminating our environment with GM crops.
BST or rBGH marketed by Monsanto as Posilac is a genetically engineered hormone designed to make cows produce more milk. Large amounts of research indicate that BST use has serious implications for the health and welfare of dairy cattle, including making cows more prone to mastitis and sores. Because of evidence that BST milk may cause breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer in humans, it is banned in Europe. Monsanto is trying to overturn the ban!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sick people used like laboratory rats in GM trials

Genetically modified potatoes developed by MONSANTO, the multinational biotech company, have been fed to sick patients in an experiment. Rats that ate similar potatoes in the research suffered reductions in the weight of their hearts and prostate glands.
Dr Michael Antoniou, reader in molecular genetics at Guy's, King's and St Thomas' School of Medicine, said use of humans was "irresponsible and totally unethical, especially when already ill subjects were enrolled. These people truly were guinea pigs." Other scientists said the trials were too short, on too few people, to give meaningful results of long-term effects.

Human Genes In Your Food

A new type of genetically-modified crop containing human genes is reportedly set to get the go-ahead for commercial production.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Studies on Aspartame Confirm Source of Cancer/Malignant Brain Tumor Epidemics

THE Cancer Research Center of the European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences in Bologna, Italy reported this week that a long-term study to evaluate the potential carcinogenic effects of aspartame demonstrates the chemical sweetener "induces an increase in lymphomas and leukemia in female rats." The research will be presented at a September international scientific conference, "Framing the Future in the Light of the Past: Living in a Chemical World."

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What is in your Flu jab?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

TeenScreen - Normal Kids Labeled Mentally Ill

Despite years of public outcry, based on recommendations by President Bush's New Freedom Commission to screen all school children for mental illness, TeenScreen is now being administered in the nation's public school system and children are being regularly diagnosed with one, or more, disorders chosen from the close to 400 listed in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV" (DSM), also known as the psychiatric "Billing Bible."Find out more on Teen ScreenHERE


Sunday, January 14, 2007

VOICE calls for an end to water fluoridation

The European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products has warned parents to supervise their children to prevent them swallowing fluoride from toothpaste or other oral hygiene products because of the increased risk of dental fluorisis.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Aspartame: Sweet Misery A Poisoned World

Aspartame: The silent killer.

Aspartame is made of 3 components, 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methanol (wood alcohol). In the body methanol breaks down into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and formic acid. What is Aspartame,who makes it?


The food we eat.

We assume that 'permitted additives' are safe because our regulators have permitted them and we also assume that the listed ingredients must also be safe for the same reason. But are things really so simple?


Alex Jones discusses vaccines

Cancer fears over sweetener in food

An artificial sweetener found in 6,000 types of food, drink and medicines should be banned MP's have urged.


Study links Flouride to bone cancer in men

Boys who drink fluoridated water have an increased risk of a deadly bone cancer, a new study suggests.


CLICK HERE For a seperate study done at Harvard University

More info HERE

The truth about Monsanto

Stop Drinking Milk And Watch This NOW